Happy Halloween!

It took me a while to finish another project, but it is here……J’s totoro costume for Halloween! What do you all think?

It was quite difficult to take some good pictures of the costume, because J was moving all the time and I couldn’t properly zoom in or out. I was maybe a bit overzealous and impatient while taking the pictures so he got a lil bit grumpy and teary on me…


But after I gave him a cookie, all was well again.


This is the first piece of garment that I ever sewed and I’m so proud of the result. It actually fits him! So now that I know I can sew a costume, I want to start sewing clothes for my son. I want to sew fun and colorful pieces of clothing for my son, cause the only colours I see in the boys section of alot of department stores is blue, grey, black and white. And taupe, but I think 2 years old is too young to wear such a sophisticated colour as taupe.

Other than this costume, I haven’t sewn anything else this year. I got a bit overwhelmed with being a single mom, J becoming a toddler and not sleeping as much as he did when he was a baby, the coordination of all the appointments at the hospital, daycare, care instutions and therapists for J and the healing course I was taking. I just didn’t feel inspired to sew and was watching alot of tv series and reality shows instead =O

Anyway, I’m going to watch agents of shield now. Hope you all had a lovely Halloween.

Oh, almost forgot…..here is the tutorial for the Totoro. The instructions are very clear and the blog is really nice as well.

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